Coconut Protein Porridge


Coconut HENCH Fuel Protein Porridge.  The combination of Creamy Porridge and real Coconut makes this pot one of our best sellers. Made with either hot water or milk for a warm tropical taste.... made as an overnight oat in the warm months makes this taste like tropical paradise. Adding a small piece of chocolate to this will mimic the taste of your favourite Coconut Chocolate Bar......Paradise! Boasting 22g of Protein with a MEGA LOW sugar of 1.2g 

The taste of Creamy Coconut in each mouthful. With 10g of Coconut in each pot this pot boasts 22g of Protein, 30g of Carbs with only 1g of Sugar. 

Nutritional Info:

Serving size 71g
Calories 313 kcal
Total Fat 11.1g
Saturated Fat 7g
Total Carbohydrate 30.7g
Total Sugars 1.2g
Fibre 6.36g
Protein 22.4g
Salt 0.13g



Porridge Oats, Undernatured Whey Protein Concentrate 82%, Milk. Soya Lecithin), Flavouring (Vanilla), Xanthan Gum, Colouring (Beta Carotene), Sweetener (Sucralose), Desiccated Coconut

Information in Bold Contains Milk and Gluten.
Made in a factory that handles Nuts and Seeds.

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